Thursday, January 7, 2010

4th Birthday

Dec 17, 2009. Halllah...halllaaaaahhh....akhirnya stress mama berlalu juga dah. After about 2 months been chased after by Nadine. It's true...she's been asking about her birthday waaay before December. Just b'coz one of her friend had this b'day party at school one day in...maybe October...then mama told her..."hey ur b'day is coming up soon". Then...she was sooo excited. Every single day she will discuss about her b'day. She related aaaaanything with her b'day...and wondering what will her party would be. Fiiuuh...this of course put some stress on mama's head. calm her down about 1,5 before the D day...I took her to the cake shop to order the b'day cake. Well..people would normally order it 1 week bfore. Since she loves purple...mama prepare the cake, the dress, the ballon all in purple. And on the D day...she looks like an angel!

Another Singing Competition

Dec 12, 2009 Nadine's school had this gado2 event. They had everything like bazar, charity and singing competition. This time, Nadine goes to the third place after...ehm...ehm...her two favourites boys in class. She sang...hmm what was it again...Happy Family!

Picnic to GSA Ancol w/ School

Nadine went to GSA Ancol with her school actually in Oct 2009 (well u know...Mom is always late updating this blog). Unlike her other friends...she took the whole family with her...iya betul...Mom, Dad, Jas, nanny and even...kak yanti...her ngaji teacher...xixixi.


Anak ini skrg doyan bgt ngemol (just like her Mom seh). One day Mom just got this cute hello kitty handbag then we went to MOI...Nadine's favourite place to play komidi putar. As we arrived at the mall she asked for my bag and aalll the way at he mall she carried the bag just like what we see in this photo.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nadine is 3.5 yrs now with height about 105cm and weight 25kgs. She will start her school in K-1 this July. Knows a lot of Indonesian children songs and some english songs. Can count 1-10 in bahasa and english. Her favourite toys is dummy Handphone and likes to pretend as an adult woman bringing handbag everywhere. She likes to watch Pocoyo and Micky Mouse. She loves ceker ayam and bakso soooo much. Before go to bed she will absent everybody she sweeeet.

Nadine already has little sister, Jasmine 1,5 yrs. Geee....I need to create Jasmine's own blog as well.'s some of Nadine's latest Pics...some activities from school

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nadine in Bollywood

Pingin liyat Nadine pake baju India...ini dia fotona. Bajunya modal minjem dari teman, sudah termasuk kerudungnya sampai gelang2nya segala. Trus di jidatnya diantara dua alis ku bikinin tanda bulat merah...yg kayak perempuan india itu looh. Duuuh cantiknya anakku wedo!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Nadine dagang HP

Silaaaaaaahhh....remotenya...remotenya...remotenya....sepuluh ribu dua...sepuluh ribu dua...siapa yang mau...yang murah..yang murah...beli dong oom..tante.