Thursday, January 7, 2010

4th Birthday

Dec 17, 2009. Halllah...halllaaaaahhh....akhirnya stress mama berlalu juga dah. After about 2 months been chased after by Nadine. It's true...she's been asking about her birthday waaay before December. Just b'coz one of her friend had this b'day party at school one day in...maybe October...then mama told her..."hey ur b'day is coming up soon". Then...she was sooo excited. Every single day she will discuss about her b'day. She related aaaaanything with her b'day...and wondering what will her party would be. Fiiuuh...this of course put some stress on mama's head. calm her down about 1,5 before the D day...I took her to the cake shop to order the b'day cake. Well..people would normally order it 1 week bfore. Since she loves purple...mama prepare the cake, the dress, the ballon all in purple. And on the D day...she looks like an angel!

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